WordPress Theme Sellers: Choosing the Perfect Theme

There are hundreds of WordPress theme sellers – about 1001 to be exact – so choosing just one that offers the designs and features you want at a decent price can be frustrating.

We’ve put together a series of comprehensive reviews of 12 of the most popular theme sellers – Elegant Themes, WooThemes, Graph Paper Press, Organic Themes, Themes Kingdom, Theme Trust, ThemeZilla, Obox Designs, iThemes, Press75, StudioPress and WPZoom.

For each theme company, we’ve investigated their features, aesthetics, usability, speed and reliability, cost and support to help you decide which theme seller would work best for you.

WPMU Theme Reviews

Choosing a theme seller and theme can lead you on a confusing search because there are so many options out there. Is it best to go with a theme seller that offers a membership or simply buy an individual (and expensive) theme? Any what features do you need, anyway? Is it vital to have a theme with responsive design and are shortcodes really necessary?

And the big question: are the bigger theme sellers all they’re cracked up to be? Can the smaller guys compete?

Elegant Themes designs
Our reviews will examine what you need to know when choosing the right WordPress theme.

There’s a lot to consider and to help you choose the right theme seller for you, we’ll be posting our series over the next 13 days, with one new review everyday and a finale post comparing each of the sellers and picking a winner.

Obviously, there’s no one size fits all approach to themes. Everyone uses themes for different purpose: personal blogs, eCommerce, portfolios, magazines, business. Themes are big business and companies are expected to provide a range of designs using the latest trends or they’ll lose customers to a theme seller who does.

In putting together these reviews, we bought our review accounts just like any other customer – via the sign-up link on each of the theme seller’s websites. We didn’t let the company’s in on the fact we were reviewing their themes to avoid any special treatment.

We are in no way affiliated with any of the theme sellers we are reviewing. We won’t be telling you which theme seller you MUST sign up with. Our reviews will explore what each company offers to help you choose what you want from a theme seller.

So stay tuned for the first review in the series tomorrow: Elegant Themes.

Image credits: hddodcc.