10 Mesmerizing WordPress Themes for Featuring Your Videos

Video can play a special part in evoking emotion and brand awareness for your business, work and WordPress site. Sadly, most themes don’t allow you to feature videos prominently.

That’s where these themes come in. They place your videos, films and candid vlogs up front and center – surrounded by a sumptuous design, too!

With this diverse list, you’re sure to find a perfect theme for personal or even professional use. They’re responsive for easy viewing across all devices, have clean and simple theme options to cut down on overwhelm, and best of all – they’re free!

If you want a way to showcase your videos in a fun, eye-catching and dynamic way, take a look at this collection of video themes.

  • Sundance

    Sundance theme

    Sundance is a graceful and warm theme provided by an expertly coordinated color scheme that exudes charm and the feeling of nostalgia. It’s a clean, well-crafted theme that offers the ability to feature video.

    You can even feature multiple videos with its front page carousel. Also included are post formats galore and sticky posts.

  • Windsor Knot

    Windsor Knot theme

    Windsor Knot takes after WordPress’ Twenty Fifteen theme with its pronounced menu and fonts that are easy on the eyes. The best feature of this theme? Definitely the option to display a video carousel.

    It’s a great theme for personal vlogs and if you’re not a fan of the color scheme like me, you can easily change it in the theme options, so don’t worry too much about that.

    This theme also includes multiple post formats, sticky posts and threaded comments.

  • Focus

    Focus theme

    What better way to focus attention on your videos and film projects by placing them front and center using a slider?

    This aptly-named theme also further showcases your videos in a thumbnail gallery and is perfect for self-hosted videos, though, you can still easily post videos that are hosted elsewhere.

    You also have the option to have a sidebar on the right and displaying threaded comments is an included feature.

  • Onetake

    Onetake theme

    This theme is just stunning in both design, layout and pretty much every other way. Forget about featuring images on the front page – this theme lets you display a full page video! If you want your videos to steal the show, this theme will definitely deliver. You can even make it into a slider.

    It’s a lovely, professional theme through and through that spells out breathtaking with every view.

  • Almanac

    Almanac theme

    Almanec is a sleek, simple theme that’s easily suitable for both professional and personal use. You can build up your site easily with this theme and feature images in a light box rather than boring old images. Are we even still using those?

  • Allmed

    Allmed theme

    Avid vloggers rejoice! If you pump out videos faster than the speed of light – it’s possible, right? – then this theme is your best friend. You’ll be able to exhibit a multitude of videos right on the front page. Now everyone will have a chance to be well-informed of your majestic life.

  • WEAVr

    WEAVr theme

    If you’re looking for more of a minimal theme to showcase your videos, then WEAVr is an excellent choice. This theme is super basic, but it does come with two primo options: Conditionizr and Modenizr are built-in so you can dynamically display content through JavaScript based on basic information about a visitor… you know, like browser type and general geographic location.

  • Lingonberry

    Lingonberry theme

    Lingonberry is an elegantly styled theme that’s beautiful for personal or professional vlogs alike. Custom widgets let you post videos from different hosting sources, all to your heart’s content.

    You’ll have no troubles chronicling your lively adventures with this timeline-style theme. All post formats are included, as are sticky posts and threaded comments.

  • Onetone

    Onetone theme

    Onetone is another stunning theme that allows you to feature full-page videos on the front page. You also have the option of a parallax scrolling or video background.

    This theme has basic options with nearly limitless possibilities in the theme options which makes this a truly remarkable theme for businesses and professionals – even for those who are real sticklers. It’s without a doubt, a gorgeous theme.

  • Socially Awkward

    Socially Awkward theme

    Its name may sound a little introverted, but this theme is nothing of the sort, prominently displaying videos with beautiful frames that are perfect for self-hosted videos.

    It has a simple design that has a few tricks up its sleeve with the option to uniquely display pages as large, circular icons on the front page in a sort of masonry format. It adds a personal touch of style and intrigue to an otherwise straightforward theme. It also integrates well with the Custom Content Portfolio plugin and includes sticky posts and threaded comments.

Did I miss any of your favourite video themes? Don’t be shy – share them in the comments below.