WordPress.tv Needs You!

WordPress.tv Needs You!

WordPress.tv has long been a great community resource for all WordPress related video.

That goes for screencasts, tutorials, guides, WordCamp presentations, and much more. At long last, they’ve turned to the community for help.

Yep! Now anybody can submit their WordPress screencasts, videos, interviews, reports, reviews and videocasts to WordPress.tv for the whole community learn and thrive from.

As with any good content aggregator, they’ve got some strict guidelines for quality control, but I think it’s a good thing.

Why? Part of the reason our content is so beautiful here at WPMU.org is because we also have a strict style guide for our writers. Every one of us has to run a check through the list to see we’ve checked everything off correctly.

The result is quality content every time. And I think that’s what WordPress.tv is going for with their guidelines.

To sum up their requirements, your video basically has to be

  • High quality — crystal clear video and audio
  • Well edited — to keep the viewer engaged
  • Screencasts must be concise — no unnecessary waffling
  • Easy to follow — mouse and keyboard actions highlighted, textual cues easy to read
  • Use the most recent version of WordPress
  • Respect WordPress’s strict licensing and trademark policies
  • Only promote plugins/themes that are available on WordPress.org
  • Obviously — nothing offensive, violent, or crude

In all fairness, that’s not hard to achieve. There is excellent screencast software out there to facilitate your video tutorials. If you are a good talker/presenter and know your stuff you should be OK.

If you want to get paid for your knowledge though, and prefer writing to talking, why not write for us? We’ll even pay you $150 per article! You get great coverage too, with over 200,000 members and subscribers reading our blog daily.