5 WordPress “Tweet This” Plugins Worth Tweeting About

5 WordPress “Tweet This” Plugins Worth Tweeting About

“A book that furnishes no quotations is no book – it is a plaything,” said English novelist Thomas Love Peacock.

Of course it’s not fair to always hold blog posts to such a standard. But if you can come up with something quote-worthy, then you make it easier for your visitors to spread your message on Twitter (where pithy quotations shine).

In this post, we’re going to be looking at some plugins that help you do just that — spread your quotations on Twitter.

These “tweet this” plugins let you pull out snippets of text that you think might go over well. They then set them up in a way that your visitors can click a Twitter-connected button and their tweets will be pre-populated with your quotable quote.

Be sure to check out our final ratings at the end.

  • 1. Easy Tweet Embed

    This plugin is by one of our own former bloggers, Tom Ewer.

    One of its main advantages is that it puts a Twitter button on your visual editor. That button essentially works like a link button – you click on the text you want linked (e.g. “tweet this”), and then you fill in the Tweet box with whatever you’d like. You can then easily insert a link back to the post with the click of a button.

    The box that pops up for constructing your link also conveniently counts your characters for you to make sure you don’t go over 140, another nice feature that not all the plugins below have.


    • visual editor button
    • insert URL button
    • counts characters
  • 2. Kiwi Tweet This

    This plugin is shortcode based.

    After wrapping your text with the shortcode, you insert the URL you want tweeted into the shortcode. It isn’t automatically generated.

    Of course if you want to use a different URL than the URL of the post, then that could be seen as an advantage. However, in most cases, of course, the URL you’d want would be that of the post.

    This plugin puts a small, attractive Twitter button below your shortcode-encased text. This is a nice touch, and most will probably like it. It’s on disadvantage is that you cannot control the position of this button, and so if you wanted to link a sentence in the middle of a paragraph, it wouldn’t work very well.

    Most will probably want to make the text stand out anyway by making it a block quote or something similar, so it should be fine for most users.

    As you’re using shortcodes, this plugin does not count characters for you.


    • shortcode
    • Twitter icon
    • convert URLs to TinyURL
  • 3. Tweet That

    This plugin uses shortcodes to automatically link your text (that’s all of your text) to a pop up Twitter box.

    You’re also given the option to include a Twitter bird icon or not. If you don’t include the icon, then you will need to include some type of text like “tweet this” at the end so your visitors will know what’s going on.

    There are a few nice aspects about this plugin. It links to the post automatically, and it gives you an attractive little Twitter bird icon.

    The one potentially strange aspect is that it turns your entire text into a link. As a tweet can only be 140 characters max, that’s probably fine in most cases, but some may find it a little unusual.

    As this uses shortcodes, it does not count the characters of your text for you.


    • shortcode
    • Twitter icon
    • automatically links URL
  • 4. Click to Tweet

    Right off the bat, it’s easy to see that the Click to Tweet plugin has a lot going for it. It has a button on the visual editor. It automatically links back to your post. It has an attractive Twitter icon. It automatically creates an attractive box around your text and styles your text itself to make it stand out.

    Even with all this going for it, I can say that I would never personally use it.


    Well, it also puts a “powered by” link in each box it creates with no option to remove it.

    That may not bother some. And so if you’re fine with it, then there’s a lot to like about this plugin. For others, however, it completely takes it out of the conversation.


    • visual editor button
    • Twitter icon
    • automatically links URL
    • styled box design
    • styled text
  • 5. SumoMe

    And finally we come to a plugin from AppSumo that is somewhat similar to the plugins above, but it’s also fairly different as well.

    SumoMe, on the surface anyway, is first and foremost a plugin that lets your visitors highlight any text and easily turn that into a tweet.

    So instead of the post author pulling out the text, your visitors do it. As soon as any text is highlighted, a box pops up as in the image above. (As you can see, visitors can also share on Facebook.)

    And so that’s obviously different from the other plugins, but there’s also a way to use this plugin to act like the others.

    As soon as any text is highlighted and tweeted, it then gets a permanent highlight on your site, along with the number of people who have tweeted it, including you, of course.

    Because of that, you could set out whatever text you wanted, as with the other plugins, and then go ahead and tweet it. Once you do so, it will look like this:

    The pop up box for the tweet does come pretty heavily labeled with SumoMe, but to my mind that’s quite a different thing from putting links directly into your post as the Click to Tweet plugin does.

    (Note: As you’re going through the SumoMe system, there’s a little bit of integration that needs to be done.)


    • highlight to tweet
    • automatically links URL
    • Twitter icon
    • displays number of tweets
    • highlights text
    • lets visitors highlight text
    • lets visitors share on Facebook

Who Wins the Tweet This Shoot Out?

As is often the case with these things, the different functionality of the different plugins makes it hard to choose a clear winner.

Tweet This Plugins

  • Easy Tweet Embed:
  • Kiwi Tweet This:
  • Tweet That:
  • Click to Tweet:
  • SumoMe:
Do you want an attractive Twitter icon? Do you want links inserted automatically? Do you need the convenience of a button on the editor? Do you care that a company is inserting links to their site into your post every time you use the plugin?

Depending on what you like, you will probably have your own winner.

Because of all the added features, we’re going to go ahead and give this one to SumoMe. The fact that it lets visitors choose any text they like and easily make a tweet from it is functionality that goes well beyond what the others do. And yet, at the same time, though it doesn’t really seem to be designed to act as a “tweet this” plugin, it can easily be that.