Automatically Post Customized Tweets From WordPress to Twitter

Automatically Post Customized Tweets From WordPress to Twitter

The quest for the perfect Twitter plugin can be a long road. There are hundreds of Twitter-related plugins on alone and more available from commercial plugin sites such as Codecanyon and the like. Since we do quite a bit of publishing on, we are always on the lookout for a solid, reliable plugin that will help us manage sending posts to Twitter.

Enter WordTwit Pro…

In the past we had an automatic tweeting solution but it didn’t allow for hashtags, the ability to customize the tweet or shorten URLs. We were left with having to do most of our Twitter promotion manually, which really adds up with manual posts required for many other social networks.

After examining dozens of available Twitter plugins, we finally landed on WordTwit Pro, created by BraveNewCode. For the past several months we’ve been using it for automatically publishing tweets as posts are published.

The standout features that attracted us to WordTwit Pro include:

  • Support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Per-author accounts
  • Manual editing of tweets
  • Hashtag support
  • Tweet scheduling
  • Retweet multiple times by schedule
  • Support for a variety of shorteners, including yoURLs

The biggest advantage that WordTwit Pro provides is the flexibility to customize the tweet that is sent out. The plugin adds a small widget to the WordPress post editor where you can craft your tweet while writing your post. We are able to add the author’s Twitter handle, hashtags, @mentions, etc, to create a targeted, custom tweet.

The plugin also automatically integrates our branded URL shortener. We used the open source software, developed by Ozh, to create our own URL shortener for use with WPMU DEV and Integrating this with WordTwit Pro was as simple as pasting our credentials into the plugin’s ‘Shortening Method’ settings.

If you’re looking for a Twitter plugin that is reliable and well-supported, WordTwit Pro is pretty solid. After several months of testing, we here at give it a thumbs up.