WordPress / WPMU Translation… sorted

WordPress / WPMU Translation… sorted

We think you’re gonna like this one…I certainly do ‘cos it was built to my specifications and does something that I’ve wanted a plugin to do for a long, long time.

Ultimate Translate automatically translates all posts and pages per blog, creates fancy new URLs , doesn’t force them into the RSS feed or post management system, redirect visitors based on browser (or IP) language and does it all, via the Google Translate API, automatically, in the background… phew!

Check out the full plugin here or read on for more info about how it works it’s magic!

Once installed you’ll be presented with the following options page:

This allows you to set what languages you’d like to have your posts and pages translated into (currently there are 85 available) and whether you want to translate absolutely everything on your site that’s already there.

You can also select whether and how you want to redirect people to the new translations – by either selecting redirect based on browser language, redirect based on IP address or even redirect on browser or IP address if no browser language is available.

Further, this plugin integrates perfectly with the popular WordPress Google XML Sitemaps plugin – so it’ll notify all the major search engines that the new language are available!

But, what’s really really cool, is that it won’t send out 80 odd new versions of your posts, or display them all together on your site, or even clutter up your Manage > Posts screen… the translations are all saved just for readers you choose to redirect to them, or search engines that want to send their users to their own languages.

And they are excellent translations too – it’s all powered by the Google translate API… so they are improving all the time as well!

New posts simply exist at /language/ so, for example, the https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog frontpage can be viewed in German here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/de/

And individual posts simply have /language/ added to them, so https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/the-google-reality/ becomes https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/fr/the-google-reality/ – check these out on the screenshots too.

Note that readers of translations can also select to view the untranslated original and/or never see translations if they so wish.

Finally, you can actually select on a per post and per page whether you want to translate a post… and, if you so choose, translate it manually too!

How cool is that!

This is one plugin that will help you gain traction in different language areas, boost your search engine results and take advantage of the multi-lingual web.. a must have!

You can download Ultimate Translate here.