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Wordy for WordPres

We all have our fortes.

I consider myself a pretty decent writer, but my design skills leave little to be desired. And because blogging demands competency in a number of disciplines (such as writing, design, and marketing), there are very few of us who can nail all the different areas.

So there is nothing wrong with getting a little help. And if you feel that your writing skills are a weak link in your blogging process, Wordy for WordPress may be able to help.

What is Wordy?

First of all, there is a distinction I should make. Wordy is a service – the Wordy for WordPress plugin makes it easy for that service to be used by WordPress bloggers. So let’s check out Wordy first. Take a look at this brief video:

That should give you a pretty good idea of what Wordy has to offer – professional editing and proof-reading services for a very reasonable price. If you feel that your blog posts could benefit from a polish, Wordy might be right up your alley.

What really impresses is their claimed turnaround time of just 25 minutes. If you are the impatient type and can’t wait to get your content published, Wordy won’t hold you up for long.

Wordy for WordPress

The Wordy for WordPress plugin makes it easy for you to submit your WordPress blog posts to the Wordy service from within your dashboard.

Once you have linked the plugin to your Wordy account, you can submit your content (with comments) directly from the post screen:

Wordy for WordPress

Once a job has been submitted, you will be presented with a summary of the details:

Wordy for WordPress

Finally, Wordy for WordPress includes an editorial comments section, so that you can be instantly informed of any issues and/or the job completion:

Wordy for WordPress

The integration is very slick. If you are already a Wordy user and blog using WordPress, installing this plugin is a no-brainer. If you are not yet a Wordy user, but feel that you might benefit from their services, now may be the ideal time to give them a go.

Download Wordy for WordPress here.

4 Responses

  • New Recruit

    Sweet! Tom, you’re fired! Now Wordy can write all of oir posts for us ;)

    Seriously though, I love the idea, but it’s got dodgy / quality-concerns / dubiousness all over it… I mean it’s oine thing to mTurk people breaking captchas, leaving comments or scraping databases… another to ask them for great copy and then manage that.

    But who knows, maybe they’ve nailed it…

  • Thanks Tom for your article, and James/Tom for your excellent feedback.

    I really think this calls for a few comments on the kind of service Wordy is, and why (in my opinion) we are far removed from the mTurk way of working.

    You don’t pay for a below-par workforce or algorithm
    Like any business that wants to do something really well we’ve set up strict guidelines for editors to handle jobs, we conduct extensive reviews and have full, verified and accessible credentials of all editors working on Wordy. In addition, we mainly source editors from professional organisations like the SfEP in the UK.

    You’re (instantly) connected to (other) intelligent human beings
    A bit of trivia from The average Wordy editor has eight years’ experience. 11% have a PhD, 24% an MA, 7% an MSc, 25% a BA and 9% a BSc. All editors are native language speakers, and are continuously tested and peer-reviewed to maintain the highest professional standards.

    We could never take Tom’s job
    Wordy doesn’t do content writing. We do proofreading, copy-editing and rewriting – so what we can do is help Tom perfect his message, but never take his job. Writing is at its best when it’s done by people with passion, insight and skills. Wordy focuses on helping these people fine-tune their text to get their message across.


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