Work Some WordPress CMS Magic with the Ultimate Post Type Manager

Work Some WordPress CMS Magic with the Ultimate Post Type Manager

If you want to take full advantage of WordPress CMS capabilities, then you need to have a convenient interface for creating, customizing, and managing your custom post types.

The Ultimate Post Type Manager delivers exactly that and then some. It adds to your WordPress site everything you need in order to keep your custom post types fully organized.

Ultimate Post Type Manager Features:

  • Create Custom Post Types
  • Customize every detail of Post Type
  • Create Rewrites for Permalink
  • Manage Supported Feature such as Title, Content, Excerpt, Comments etc.
  • Very Easy to use interface
  • Automatically adds the Post type Count to Right Now box on Dashboard
  • Automatically adds display of all post types to homepage and Feeds

Check out a screenshot of th easy-to-use interface:

The Ultimate Post Type Manager allows you to create and manage highly-customized post types so that you can use your WordPress CMS to create content in any form you imagine. This plugin pairs with the Ultimate Taxonomy Manager, which allows you to easily manage taxonomies and their custom fields. It even allows you to add image files to your taxonomies. For example, if you create a “Company” taxonomy, you’ll be able to add a logo.

Using these two plugins in combination will bring your WordPress site to a new level of CMS capabilities. It’s one of those tools that simply cannot be without if you’re running WordPress 3.0.