Work with Incsub… Advanced Theme Designer / Developer

Work with Incsub… Advanced Theme Designer / Developer

Are you… or do you know… a damn good WP theme designer and developer?

Do you fancy working with the Incsub team – on WPMU DEV, Edublogs,, WP Plugins, client and future projects?

And are you a fan of working when you want to work, where you want to work and how you want to work?

If so, we reckon we’ve got the best position you’re going to see for a while – Advanced Theme Designer / Developer… with us :)

What does the role entail?

End to end… design to development to deployment… of WordPress and BuddyPress themes.

Active support of those themes where required (for example, in the WPMU DEV Premium forums).

Getting involved as required in product design and development with Incsub projects.

What kind of skills do you need to have?

We’re looking for some serious design skills… work has to be up to scratch with our current sites (see WP.MU, & WP Plugins for some examples).

Then we’re looking for speedy quality development with clean, 100% compliant and generally great code :)

And, needless to say, all themes will need to be 100% WPMU compliant (i.e. not require any code edits by end users, ever) – check out the screendumps of our current Premium themes for the kind of config we like and want to improve on.

You’ll definitely need to show us some sample WordPress themes you’ve developed along with their code.

However, we understand that few people will have limited or no BuddyPress theme development experience and that’s cool… we’ll work with you to develop that.

But if you do have BuddyPress experience… hurrah.. send us through details on that and any bbPress work too!

What are the rewards?

What… you mean besides working such a fantastic crew ;)

OK, more seriously, we understand that quality theme design & development costs money and we’re happy to negotiate quality terms with the right candidate.

We’re also flexible about time commitments… in the end we’re looking to take on someone for an ongoing position of, for example, 40 hours per week…. but we’ll be wanting to start with a trial project and you’ll probably want to get a feel for what its like to work with us too.

In short… if you are the biz, most likely we’ll be able to adapt to suit you!

How do you apply?

Easy peasy, please email admin (at) incsub (dot) com with the following:

  • A bit of info about who you are and what you’ve done
  • Your portfolio or links to your work
  • At least 1 theme that you’ve developed (please make sure to attach this to the email – needless to say this will not be redistributed and kept 100% private)
  • Some info about your availability, standard rates, how long it usually takes you to crank out a theme

Sound cool? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!