Would you like to write and tweet for WPMU.org?

Would you like to write and tweet for WPMU.org?

We’re thinking about hiring someone to write about WordPress MU, BuddyPress, plugins, themes and more here at WPMU.org.

I’m imagining someone with a good line in WP related knowledge, but more importantly a great eye for interesting topics, engaging readers and generally provoking discussion, links and all that jazz.

And the capacity to bang out at least 5 great posts a week – and maybe even help us man the increasingly popular WPMU Twitter feed.

What’d be in it for that person?

Well, needless to say we’d pay ya, and if you were really good we’d pay you more! But we’d also give you a great platform to share your views, a fantastic audience (we have over 5,000 subscribers to the email list as well as this blog) and teh chnace to wantonly promote yourself within posts, on the sidebars and all that jazz.

It’s be like guest blogging on steriods, while getting paid, so, erm, not really guest blogging. Heh.

Anyway, if you fancy the gig contact us and we’ll toss around some ideas about how it might work.