WP E-Commerce Team Releases New Download Manager and Amazon S3 Plugin

WP E-Commerce Team Releases New Download Manager and Amazon S3 Plugin

The team at GetShopped.org has been busy creating plugins that will improve stores selling digital downloads, with particular emphasis on the music industry. If you’re selling music with the WP E-Commerce plugin, then you’ll want to check out these two new products:

Amazon S3 Plugin

This plugin is designed to help people selling large files. Sometimes when people download big files the download might crash because the seller has a crappy web host that times out. This is a very common problem.

The Amazon S3 plugin lets the seller put all their large downloadable files on the Amazon Cloud, so that they can be served more reliably. This is a premium addition to WP E-Commerce and it’s currently selling for $45.

Download the Amazon S3 Plugin

The Download Manager

This plugin displays a download status bar on the website that lets users click to download multiple files and watch the status of the download visually. It’s similar in behavior to the iTunes download bar.

The Download Manager was designed in collaboration with experts in the music industry in order to reduce user frustration at having to download one track at a time (right click save as…). That can be a tedious process for people selling or buying multiple tracks at one time.

Current Features include:

  • Provides a simple and convenient way for your customers to download files
  • Ships with two themes , black slick and silver slick that can be implemented in the dashboard.
  • If you are a web designer and have a little understanding of CSS then creating your own theme for this widget is really easy. The plugin has been designed in a way that makes plugging in a new custom theme a painless affair.
  • Integration with the Amazon S3 Plugin

Download the Download Manager Plugin

Both of these plugins are sure to give your users a better experience when purchasing downloadable products through your WP E-Commerce store. You simply cannot afford to have your downloads time out and inconvenience your users. Get your hands on these two plugins today to create a more professional looking store. For more information head over to the GetShopped.org blog announcement.