WP Engine Brings the Future to the Present

WP Engine has already made quite a reputation for themselves by providing some of the fastest WordPress hosting around, but today they’re announcing a new aspect to their service that dials things to eleven.

From WP Engine’s Press Release:

We’ve built “TachyCache” which is a Tachyon-based caching system that pre-renders pages before a site visitor even clicks on a link….using quantum entangled cookies our system knows when users will load your page and is able to pre-render page content from within a time dilation field.  Essentially, we can build pages in the past and use them in the present so content is served instantly to the browser (requires the latest version of WebKit to work).

Read the full statement and signup details here.

It’s obvious that this drastically changes the hosting landscape and WP Engine’s pre-cog servers are definitely the must-have feature for anyone serious about page-load performance.  Just how well does it work?  We’ve been beta testing it here for at least a day.   Didn’t know you were gonna read this article today did ya?  Well, WP Engine did.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?  Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!