WP Engine Offers Customers Git-Based Version Control and Deployment

Austin-based WP Engine is one of the leaders in WordPress hosting, and it isn’t any wonder, given their dedication to high quality service and innovative tools for developers. They currently provide hosting services for 4,000 customers and serve 45,918 domains. This week the team at WP Engine is releasing Git-push-to-deploy for their customers.

Version control is a grossly neglected practice in the WordPress community, and WP Engine is hoping to change that by bringing their git-based solution mainstream as part of their hosting services.

Why do we need Version Control?

Version control keeps everything neat and tidy and gives developers the opportunity to contribute to the same project without overwriting each other’s code. Its many benefits include:

  • Developers can manage source code to maintain integrity
  • Security of having backups of code
  • Collaboration on development teams is easier, organized and more efficient

This new git-based version control and deployment makes WP Engine’s hosting service a full-on developer platform for WordPress. Developers can now take advantage of the host’s staging area and version control in their development projects.

Github is definitely going places, if their recent $100 million round of funding is any indication. If you’re not familiar with git but want to get up to speed, I recommend starting at try.github.com where you’ll get bite-sized lessons to put you on the right path.

Congrats to the team at WP Engine on their latest release! Do you think this will prompt other hosting companies to provide similar services?