WP Engine Releases Restore Checkpoints: A Virtual WordPress Time Machine

WP Engine Releases Restore Checkpoints: A Virtual WordPress Time Machine

Have you ever been working on your WordPress site when suddenly something is broken, something has gone wrong, and you can’t put your finger on exactly what the problem might be? Maybe you were upgrading your version of WordPress or updating your plugins. Maybe you were tinkering around someplace that you knew you shouldn’t have been but now your site is crashed, and it’s probably all your fault. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to press the reset button and get your site back to when it was working?

Restore Checkpoints is just like a time machine for your WordPress site

WP Engine, the WordPress hosting and security service, has just released Restore Checkpoints, a service that allows users to return to previous versions of their WordPress site. You may already be familiar with wp Time Machine, a plugin that creates an archive of all your WordPress data and files and then stores them on Dropbox, Amazon S3 or your FTP host. WP Engine basically does the same thing for their hosting customers with this new service, only in a fully managed way.

“I know enough to be dangerous…”

Many well-intending WordPress site owners love to log in and tinker with settings, plugins and widgets but sometimes a little bit of knowledge and ambition can crash a site. If you deploy something that breaks your site or if something goes horribly wrong, Restore Checkpoints will allow you to return your site back to working condition with just the click of a button. While you’re sleeping, Restore Checkpoints automatically creates new restore points for your site at 3AM each morning.

This service is bundled together with WP Engine’s WordPress hosting service, so it is only available to WP Engine users. If you are a high-energy WordPress user who needs this extra level of security and wants the convenience of managed snapshots of your WordPress site integrated with your hosting, you may want to stop over to WP Engine and take a look around.

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