WP Plugins: Cristian Merli & WP Answers

wp answers logoThis week at WP Plugins we featured Cristian Merli, developer of the WP Answers Plugin. Italian-born Cristian lives in Canada with his wife and children. By day he is a PHP developer and in his spare time, when he’s not playing soccer or playing with his kids, he develops plugins for WordPress.

Yesterday we looked in detail at one of his plugins – WP Answers. WP Answers is a plugin that enables you to run a Yahoo Answers style question and answer website. Unlike the themes that are similar, the WP Answers plugin works with any theme – just choose which page you want it to appear on and it integrates seemlessly with the rest of your site.  You can use your theme’s CSS, the plugin’s styles or you can use the color picker to generate some new colors for it.

screenshot of wp answers css settingsWP Answers works on a points-based system. When users register they are allocated points – points are deducted when they ask questions and are added when they answer them. There are loads of other great features so check out my full post on WP Plugins.