WP Plugins is The WordPress App Store!

WP Plugins is The WordPress App Store!

So, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on why premium plugins are the future of WordPress, now let’s take a closer look at how WP Plugins helps make that happen!

Premium WordPress Plugins

As I said yesterday, WP Plugins has come from a sincere belief that to improve WordPress, there needs to be a way to commercially support the people that have made WordPress what it is, plugin developers.

It’s simply not fair that they should have to rely on donations, or client work, they need a way to be able to make a heap of well deserved cash, just like iphone developers!

And that’s basically all that the site is, a place for people to buy and sell plugins, with quality control.

But of course we’ve tried to make it ‘nice’ too – and we reckon you’ll enjoy some of the features:


For every plugin, authors can add in the regular description, info and other jazz – installation being linked to in two places.

But what’s extra is the ‘Get Support’ facility… now, while people can choose to offer a simple download price – which you can see above as being $2.95 – should the user want to have ongoing access to upgrades and Q&A support with the plugin developer, then they’ll need to pay the ‘Support and Upgrades’ price – listed below that at $4.95.

If they choose that (and it’s promoted well in the sales screen) then they will have ongoing access to all upgrades as well as access to a support forum specific to that plugin (by clicking on ‘Get Support’).

And of course it’ll tick over monthly, meaning ongoing happiness for both plugin author and user!


Then we’ve got the screenshots… which is just plain nice I reckon :)

And of course, click on one of them for full size lightbox powered goodness.

Then, as a plugin author there’s a really rather slick ‘Add New Plugin’ backend (you’ll especially like the way the screenshots upload and you get to move them around to select which one shows in your picture).


(click on image for a bigger view)

And then, of course, you can tracks your sales, purchases and all that jazz via the profile menu.


(click on image for a bigger view)

So there’s a quick overview, if you haven’t fancied registering yourself yet, we hope you like it and we’re even more keen to hear your ideas, comments, thoughts and feedback on the idea and execution… needless to say we’re looking forward to improving the site based on your feedback… so don’t hold back!