Featured WordPress Plugin: WP Post to PDF

Featured WordPress Plugin: WP Post to PDF

Screenshot of WP post to pdf

Ever visit a blog and think that you’d love to save a copy of a post or page? Happens all the time to me! With the WP Post to PDF Plugin you can install an icon on your blog which will allow your visitors to download pages or posts as PDFs. This makes your pages even easier to print, share and save.

Screenshot of wp-post-to-pdf WordPress plugin settingsFeatures

  • set header, footer and fonts for the PDFs
  • settings to allow only registered users download PDFs
  • retstrict PDFs to single pages

Our Mini Review

This plugin is really handy for blogs and websites that provide extensive resources. You can simply add an icon and visitors can save your pages. I’m a bit torn on this one – first of all I was really excited. Then I thought “Hmmmmm… then people won’t be saving and sharing your links  If someone has a PDF they might email that to their friend, rather than directing them to your site – is this going to be good for SEO?”

Still it’s a pretty cool trick and I know I’d like to download PDF from loads of different sites.