WP-Snippets Gets a New, Responsive Design with Favorites and Filtering

WP-Snippets is one of our favorite resources for WordPress code snippets and they’ve just announced a complete redesign. The new responsive design will help you to access snippets on the go on various devices. It will adapt from screen resolutions as small as 320px up to 1400px.

If you’re a WordPress developer, this is a great place to find and share code snippets, and now it’s gotten even better. Snippet favoriting is one of the most exciting new features just implemented on the site. The favorites use HTML5 localStorage, so you won’t even have to log in to use them. Your favorites are stored within your browser.

WP-Snippets now supports filtering, enabling you to find snippets by sorting via category, keyword, or both.

Visit WP-Snippets to check out their new features. Maybe you have a snippet of your own you’d like to submit? Now it’s easier than ever. You don’t even need to be registered. Make sure to bookmark WP-Snippets for the next time you need a little bit of code inspiration.