WPBundle Releases Beautiful New bbPress Theme

The bbPress plugin has been downloaded nearly 17,000 times already, even though it’s technically still in beta. Are you one of the early adopters looking for a bbPress theme?

WPBundle has just released a theme called ReForum, and it is far and away the best and most unique bbPress theme currently available. A quick glance at the screenshots confirms that ReForum demonstrates the same attention to detail shared across the board with all of the other WPBundle products.

ReForum also comes in a very light, minimalist color scheme:

Check out the live demo of ReForum for the full experience.

The theme provides simple options, easy sorting, a set of bonus icons, and an overall pleasant forum experience. ReForum does require the new bbPress plugin but it also comes with a blog style layout for use on your site. It’s flexible in that you can use it on its own or alongside your bbPress forum.

You’re also just in time to get this theme at a discounted price until Monday the 25th of July. Grab ReForum for only $40 for an individual licence. There’s no coupon required!

Who else is designing and building a bbPress theme? Let us know and we’d be happy to feature you on wpmu.org!