WPMU DEV Google Maps gets a Major Update

Our developers have been working hard recently to improve the WPMU DEV Google Maps plugin. There have been a number of significant improvements, some of which are user requests and which have really enhanced the plugin.

Custom Fields / Geolocation

custom fields

Our maps plugin now reads custom fields. This means that you can now integrate it with the WordPress geolocation plugin. You can geotag posts and this will insert a new map. Once it’s inserted you have all of the flexibility of the Google Maps plugin at your fingertips.

Default Map Zoom

You can now set the default zoom for your map. This means that you can decide whether your map appears as Earth, Continent, Region, Nearby City, City Plan and Details. Any newly created map will appear at the default zoom level.

Panoramia Images Overlay

Panoramia is a community which shares photographs of places and then these photographs appear on Google Earth. You can use the WPMU DEV Google Maps plugin to show these images overlaid on your map. You can filter what images you want. In the image below, for example, I have filtered for bridges.

Save with Street View

You can now save your maps with street view switched on. Just zoom in, add your pegman (little orange guy) and rotate to the position you are happy with.

Save in Google Street View

Add Custom CSS

On the Plugin setting page there is a new box that lets you insert custom CSS to style your maps however you want to.

And, of course, there’s all of these great features:

  • Simple to embed maps from the visual editor
  • Map widget
  • Advanced settings

WPMU DEV Google Maps is available now for WPMU DEV members. You can also buy a copy of the plugin for only $39!