WPMU DEV – Lifetime Membership Winners!

WPMU DEV – Lifetime Membership Winners!

Folks, what can we say… wow!

We have some amazing members here in the WPMU.org community and are absolutely stoked by all the entries into our recent Lifetime Membership Competition.

I gotta mention we had lots of fantastic entries with a massive response from all of our fellow procrastinators in the last 24 hours of the competition.

So, needless to say we jumped into action scribbling names and email addresses down onto post-it notes and putting them into a large sorting hat on loan to us from Hogwarts (ok, so maybe we used google docs and the free randomizer here: http://www.random.org/lists/).

Regardless, without further ado, I give you our 3 Lifetime WPMU DEV Members:

  1. Jim Nelson – and his review: http://wpmu.tripawds.com/2011/03/15/what-makes-tripawds-run/
  2. M.K. Safi – Another solid review: http://winkpress.com/membership-plugin/wpmudev-membership/
  3. Taryn Hayes – Great stuff here as well: http://www.hayesfamily.co.za/blog/?p=9064

So our sincerest congratulations to all three and welcome (2 of you) to WPMU DEV!

For the rest of you: disappointed you weren’t among our random winners?  Why leave it to chance?  You can get a FREE membership to WPMU DEV with a little bit of elbow grease and by loving thy fellow member.  How do you do it?  In our forums our members can accumulate reputation points. If you reach 1,000 we’ll give you a lifetime membership!

Details of how to enter are here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/1000-rep-points/

Thanks again to all who participated and look for more exciting competitions to come :D