Want a free WPMU DEV membership for life?

Want a free WPMU DEV membership for life?

Yes, we thought you might, and that’s the latest promotion we’re running for WPMU DEV, we’re going to be giving away, literally, 3 lifetime memberships of WPMU DEV.

If you’re planning on living for the next 60 or so years, that’s at least $25,000 worth of memberships, per person.. which is pretty cool huh :)

How do you enter?

It’s really, really simple.

  1. Write a post on your blog (or site of any description) about what WPMU DEV plugins and themes you have found most useful (or would most like to use)
  2. Submit your reviews using the form below, and as long as you’ve done the above, we’ll put you in the draw!

Update: If the form below doesn’t work [and it has been a bit broken today :/] please just email [email protected]

*You can enter from up to three separate sites max (giving you 3 separate submissions, and 3 chances to win)… but you must tell us about it in order to be entered.

How long do I have?

Not long! This contest is open for 2 weeks only, so get cracking with those posts!

What about Facebook / Twitter etc?

Also cool, just as long as you write about the plugins, link to them, link to this post and then send us a link we can checkout your review on.

When & where will I find out?

We’ll announce the winners here on wpmu.org and also on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so stay tuned!