WPMU DEV Premium winners

WPMU DEV Premium winners

To use the vernacular – OMG what an amazing response to our 100th celebration – you guys said the nicest (and most helpful) things and I have to admit, I went a little rosy cheeked reading through the comments and posts.

We’re touched, very much so!

And so it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to give back – in the form of five annual memberships – and this morning we put everyone in a hat, closed our eyes and made the draw.

And each day this week we’ll be announcing one of the five winners.

If you are a winner – simply either create an account at WPMU DEV Premium (don’t pay ;) and send us your username via our contact form or send us your existing username and we’ll extend it.

But that was such a cool contest, that I reckon, for our 150th we’ll have to do it again, but give away 10 accounts or so then… let’s see how quickly we can get there!

But first up, our first winner is… drumroll:

KeOps of Freelance Help

Nice work fella (or, um, lass?) get in touch with us to claim your prize.