WPMU DEV Releases 20 Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes… for free!

Everyone loves a freebie right? Well, howabout 20 of them!

Yep, that’s right, today at WPMU DEV we’re officially releasing 20 premium plugins and themes for free, nada, nothing, zip and bugger all.

And some of it is really rather shiny and special.

For example… if you like the WP.MU design, now you can have it for free :)

Or howabout a beautiful 3 column theme, suffuse with options, like WPMU Dixi?

Or I heard you wanted some plugins too, howabout:

And, of course we’ve saved the best till last… because we’ve also made the Farms 133 theme pack 100% free too!

133 themes, all fixed up for threaded comments, post thumbnails and soon, dynamic menus too… it’s a riot.

And now it’s yours, for free… check em out:

And we’ll be adding new themes and plugins to this list all the time, so go enjoy the goodies!