WPMU DEV SEO is Your One-Stop Solution to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Search Engines

WPMU DEV SEO is Your One-Stop Solution to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Search Engines

Tired of installing numerous plugins to try to manage bits and pieces of your SEO? How do you know if your site is truly being optimized or if the plugins you have are doing anything?

Our customers asked for a professional WordPress SEO solution and we listened. I’d like to introduce you to WPMU DEV SEO. It takes the guesswork and frustration out of SEO and positions you to start improving your rankings immediately.

WPMU DEV SEO is a results-oriented solution

WPMU DEV SEO actually delivers measurable results and provides solid metrics via the SEOmoz API. This gives you the ability to verify that the plugin is working to effectively promote your content. You can see first-hand how your settings are affecting your rankings.

Tapping into the powerful SEOmoz API connects you to the most highly-regarded SEO experts in the industry. In a matter of seconds you can be funneling valuable stats and ranking information for your site directly from the experts. You can use the data it gives you to tweak your site and create your own highly effective SEO strategies.

Clean, Easy-to-Use Interface

The built-in WPMU DEV SEO Wizard takes you step by step through the process of preparing your site for advantaged SEO. It allows you to easily integrate your WordPress site with SEOmoz, the industry leader in SEO reports, to offer dynamic and effective tools for optimizing your site and tracking your SEO progress.

WPMU DEV SEO implements four proven strategies to optimize your WordPress site:

  • Automatic Linking: Maintain Fine-Grained Control of Your SEO Strategy
    The automatic linking feature automates deep linking within your site’s post and pages so that crawlers can quickly and easily index all of your content.
  • Title & Meta Optimization: Customize How Your Site Appears When Search Engines Find You
    This panel provides an interface for easily customizing titles and meta descriptions of your site pages. Leave it on the default settings or take full control of your SEO strategy by specifying a selection from a generous list of supported macros, available to you through the help button.
  • SEOmoz Report: Get Feedback From the Best of the Best in SEO
    Verify that your content is being found by search engines and monitor your rankings. The index is never more than a month old, so you are sure to get the freshest look at how your rankings are improving.
  • XML Sitemap: Easily Generate a Customized Sitemap
    Include or exclude pages and/or posts, depending on your preference. You’ll also have the option to filter your taxonomies and include categories and post tags as you choose so that search engines can efficiently crawl through your site to index all of your content.

Many SEO plugins are a “one size fits all” approach without offering you the option to employ a specific strategy for your website’s unique needs. WPMU DEV SEO offers you fine-grained control of the automatic linking of your posts, pages and custom content types with the ability to customize and/or ignore keywords that you specify.

This plugin will optimize your site right away with its default settings. It’s also well-suited to WordPress users who enjoy tweaking their sites and refining specific SEO strategies based on the numbers. If you want every SEO option your WordPress site requires in one easy bundle, get your copy of WPMU DEV SEO today.