WPMU DEV Supports Single Site Too: Enhancing our Branding Plugins with Single Site Support

WPMU DEV Members who manage single WordPress websites will be pleased to see some key updates to our suite of branding plugins. I don’t know about you, but when I set up a WordPress site I often hear a client cawing in my ear “Why does it say WordPress there? What does that mean?”

Or once you get logged in – “ehhhhh… why does it say WordPress everywhere? I thought it was MY website.”

It’s understandable when people feel this way, especially if they are forking out cash for their WordPress installation .

But it’s nice to be able to avoid the problem altogether. WPMU DEV members with Multisites have been able to brand the heck out of their network for a while, and now our single site members can do it too.

Let’s take a look at those updates.

Admin Help Content

Want to change the default info on the AJAX help menu? You can use the Admin Help Content Plugin to put in whatever you want. Go to General > Settings and fill in whatever text you want:

screenshot 1 of admin help

You can also use HTML so you can include your own support request forms, tips, or anything else you feel your client might need.

screenshot of admin help menu form

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Admin Footer Text

You’ll find the change footer text field in the General > Settings area as well. You probably want to change your footer to something like this:

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Login Image

And with WPMU DEV’s login image plugin, single site users can now easily change their login logo. Like our lovely login logo here right on WPMU.org:

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Not too shabby. It’s great to see WPMU DEV give as much love and attention to its single site members as the multisite ones.