WPMU DEV themes updates: WordPress, better language support, documentation refresh

We’ve been busy bees over with our themes at WPMU DEV lately and beyond keeping up with the BuddyPress 1.2 now 1.2.1 changes, we’ve also looked at ways to improve the themes we offer. As part of this we’ve looked at 2 specific areas that were requested in the past – multiple languages and standalone WordPress installation. We’ve also gone through our install instructions and documentation over at WPMU DEV to make sure we’re on track with that. It’s all part of constantly looking at ways we can improve the themes we offer to you.

Standalone WordPress

Until now all our themes have required you in the past had WPMU installed, we changed that with 1.2.1 to make them work with Single WordPress and BuddyPress… now we’ve gone the next logical step and our themes now work even without BuddyPress installed. You now not only get the ability to get the theme to work but if you want you can reuse it on any set up you want along with if you are running multiple WordPress you can allow it as a theme for your users. Hows that for value with one theme?

Multiple Languages

All our themes now come with a languages/ directory containing a default mo and po file. We’ve always made sure we do not hard code text in our themes offering both the buddypress or themename variable around it to make sure for easier translation. Now though, we’ve gone further adding a function in all our theme function file now for you to call those default mo and po files. For those interested we’re using load_theme_textdomain.

Here are a few more link resources for you to have a look at if you want to take advantage of this feature:

Translating WordPress
Urban Giraffe’s guide

Updated Documentation

We’ve made a lot of updates to our documentation and manuals. There is some really useful information over at WPMU DEV for anyone looking to delve deeper into their theme or just find out a bit more. We’d encourage you to go check out the entire range over at WPMU but one particular good one that a lot have asked for we’ve recently created is: What are Parent and Child Themes?.

We’ve not just focused on our manual documentation, now all our themes come with a uniform theme structure of folders along with a series of install, readme and various information documents. Every BuddyPress theme has been updated to use this new structure and set of files. We hope this brings you a better experience with our themes and it’s easier to follow each one as you know what to expect from our themes with regards to documentation.

If you’re already a member you can get the new updated versions of our themes over at WPMU DEV. If you are not a member as you can see there are a lot of advantages to joining along with a lot of really great themes available, regular new themes, plugins plenty, great documentation and tons of support in our forums. Find out more and join WPMU DEV now.