WPMU DEV Update: Ad Sharing gets Improved

WPMU DEV Update: Ad Sharing gets Improved

Ad Sharing is a great way to attract new users to your Multisite network. WPMU DEV’s Ad Sharing plugin lets you share a portion of the advertising revenue from your blogs with users in your network. This is a great way to share the cash-love with your network users.

adshare screenshot

Our ad sharing plugin has just had a major update. Network admins now have more control of the adverts that users are inserting into their blogs. This lets you filter adverts for any javascript or html, keeping the code that your users can insert more restricted.

adshare filter option

You can use the ad sharing plugin to:

  • Display ads before and/or after content
  • Decide on the amount of revenue each party receives
  • What code you’d like displayed

Just what are the benefits of ad sharing?

  • It’s a fair and equitable way of sharing revenue
  • There’s no need to touch the code
  • You can use any advertising partner you want – adsense, context ads, etc
  • Sharing revenue encourages your users to promote your site

You can enable your users to insert their own code (nicely filtered with our new update :) )and if they don’t – you get 100% of the revenue.

Ad sharing is a great way to share love with your users, as well as being a fantastic way to drive promotion for your site.

WPMU DEV Members can get the plugin here.