WPMU DEV – Frequently Asked Questions and Info

WPMU DEV is the partner site of WPMU.org. Frequently mentioned in the same sentence, WPMU is the education, tutorial type arm, while WPMU DEV is where you get the tools and support to make a great WordPress website. Although hosted on different sites, WPMU and WPMU DEV combined solve pretty much any WordPress issue you’ve got, and the team is integrated – so any question you ask of the WPMU DEV staff about WPMU.org or the WPMU.org writing staff about WPMU DEV, you’ll have an answer to in no time.

WPMU DEV Frequently Asked Questions

Is WPMU DEV a company or a website? Who runs WPMU DEV?

WPMU DEV, as well as WPMU.org, are both under the Incsub umbrella. Incsub also runs popular education blogging service Edublogs in addition to WPMU.org and WPMU DEV. Incsub is founded by James Farmer, who is based in Australia – but WPMU DEV and the Incsub team are unique in that they can be found all over the world – from the United States, to Asia, to the U.K. – Incsub is proud to have staff in every timezone.

What does WPMU DEV mean/stand for? 

WPMU originally stood for “WordPress MU”, or “WordPress Multi-User” which is now called WordPress Multisite. WPMU is based around the idea of complex usage of WordPress – add-on DEV, and you’ve got your WordPress Development team. WPMU.org is meant for the WordPress enthusiast – developers, freelancers, DIYers, and other serious WordPress code monkeys all congregate on the WPMU.org and WPMU DEV websites to better sharpen their skills with WordPress.

What does WPMU DEV offer? Why should I signup for WPMU DEV?

Funny you’d ask! WPMU DEV has over 100k satisfied members, and is best known for its great collection of the best WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress plugins on the web. But that’s not all – WPMU DEV is all world renown for its 24-7-365 WordPress support – talented developers that are standing by to answer any question about WordPress – a service that is unmmatched in the WordPress community. DEV also has a great collection of beautiful, premium themes to round it out. Membership means you get all of these things in one package – at unlimited quantities! DEV also gives you the option to purchase single plugins or themes as well.

Where can I find WPMU DEV on the web?

We’re glad you asked! WPMU DEV is all over the interwebs. Check out the WPMU DEV Youtube,  WPMU DEV on WordPress, on Facebook, Crunchbase, and even Google Plus!