WPMU DEV’s Updated Fundraising Plugin Sees a Number of Improvements

WPMU DEV’s Updated Fundraising Plugin Sees a Number of Improvements

WPMU DEV has recently released an updated version of its powerful Fundraising plugin. Some of the bigger changes include a new payment gateway API, a new fundraiser panel, and a new permalink structure that includes a checkout and confirmation page.

We’ll run through a few screenshots, and then go over the other improvements included in this update.


New Payment Gateway API

  • Fundraisers are now split into two types: Simple and Advanced
  • Simple payments are donations that are accepted immediately. (There are no goals or rewards with simple payments. )
  • Advanced Payments are pre-approved and only processed after the completion of the fundraiser’s goal. (Goals and Rewards are allowed with advanced payments.)


And here it is in the backend.

New Fundraiser Panel

The new fundraiser panel now provides you with shortcodes that you can use to display information relevant to your fundraiser. You can also use a widget.


Permalink Structure

Each fundraiser now contains an automatically generated checkout and confirmation page. You can set these pages to take on whatever name you like. You can see the default settings in the screenshot below.

And here’s an example of a checkout page in action.

More Improvements

Below are other upgrades the plugin  has seen.

  • Donations are now referred to as pledges.
    – 4 new pledge statuses are available. (Complete, Approved, Canceled, Refunded)
  • BuddyPress Integration
    – Users can now publicly display their pledge as an activity item. (Of course this requires BuddyPress to be activated on your site.)
  • CSS style containers are now all elements to allow for easier customization.
  • Template functions can now be overridden using the action ‘wdf_custom_template_functions’
    – fundraiser.php line: 1521
  • New Reset option for clearing all fundraising data
    – add define(‘WDF_ALLOW_RESET’,true); in your wp-config file to add an extra reset tab to your settings page.
  • New custom template structure for your theme
    – wdf_funder-{$name/$id}.php
    – wdf_checkout-{$name/$id}.php
    – wdf_confirm-{$name/$id}.php
  • Fixed shortcode media button errors
  • Addition of several action and filter hooks for external plugins or theme function files.


New to the Fundraiser Plugin?

If you aren’t familiar with the Fundraiser plugin, below is a short list of what it has to offer. Be sure to check it out in detail on its homepage.

  • Integrates with PayPal. Create suggested donation levels or let them choose their own, includes recurring donations, and accept payment in any major currency.
  • Hassle-free interface. Creating your new fundraiser is as simple as adding a new post to your WordPress blog.
  • Offer rewards for donations: downloads, tshirts or more. Motivating folk to donate has never been easier.
  • Thank you message. Use the default confirmation email after donation or customize your own to easily send a thank you and tax receipt.
  • Widgets included. Easily display simple donation button, recent fundraisers and featured fundraisers in any widgetized area of your site.
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme. Customize the style and layout of your fundraising to fit with your existing site design.
  • Monitor your donations and fundraising goals, including a progress bar, from your WordPress dashboard, with the option to display public fundraising goals and progress on your site.
  • Works perfectly with Multisite and BuddyPress. Now you can start your own crowd-funding site!
  • Use this plugin on any WordPress project you like.


Once again, you can find the Fundraiser plugin here. Check it out.

Photo: Fundraiser Thermometer from BigStock