WPMU.org and Twitter – a brief case study… and future plans

WPMU.org and Twitter – a brief case study… and future plans

WPMU on Twitter

A few months back when we decided it was time to give WPMU.org (that’s this site) a facelift, we also decided that we needed to take Twitter seriously.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the ‘WPMU’ twitter feed…. so we plunged in with the oh so catchy WPMUORG name and started Tweeting away.

And, as you can see to the side of this post, we decided to get a cute background image too.. which I kinda like :)

And we did some other things too, namely we:

  • Dedicated a good amount of ‘company time’ to Tweeting
  • Started using the most excellent Tweet Spinner (I can’t recommend them highly enough, well worth $15 per month!)
  • Started actively monitoring many many Twitter search feeds (for WPMU, WordPress MU etc.) to see if we could help people out with WPMU issues
  • Set up Twitter Tools to work with this blog

And, after that, took it up a notch by:

And what, you may ask were the net results?

Well, let me tell you… they have been pretty good.. check this out:


Yep, that’s right, our largest referring source is now Twitter!

After only a few months of (relatively) simple work!

Sure, as you can see, they don’t hang around as long as from other sites… but they are Twitter users, that’s understandable, and 3:08 is pretty decent all the same, and all in all you certainly can’t shake a stick at it.

Now, one of the reasons I thought I’d write this up is that it ‘confirms’ (to a degree) this RWW post on Twitter / Facebook brand recognition.

Especially this:


So, let me tell you this.

People do and will follow brands on Twitter – it’s worth investing your time and effort into it – and you will see results!

Which brings me back to that article, and the question ‘Where to from here’?

Well, the following, I think, answers that question pretty well:


At the moment we’re all about:

  • Information
  • Helping
  • Chat

But I think we need to be much much more about:

  • Exclusive deals and offers

And I reckon the same is probably true for any brand out there using Twitter… so we’ll give that a go, and let you know how we manage.

And of course, if you want to find out the results… of course the best thing you can probably do is follow WPMU.ORG on Twitter :)

Looking forward to any other ideas / thoughts.