Three new WPMU specific themes that are gonna rock your world…

Update December 29, 2015: This post is part of the WPMU DEV Blog archive and contains information that is out-of-date, but we’re keeping it on the blog for posterity. For all the latest WordPress news and resources, check out the WPMU DEV Blog.

Big day on the releases over at WPMU DEV Premium today, three brand new themes that we hope are gonna offer you, and your users, some pretty cool stuff!

They are, specifically, themes that embrace two fundamental concepts important for WPMU, first up they are massively, massively configurable. I mean, you haven’t even seen configurable until you’ve got into the backend of these babies.

I mean, check this out…

Then, they’ve also got massive, massive CMS possibilities (that’s what they are originally designed for, use as a CMS, although each one can also be switched into blog mode if that’s required).

And we’re not talking custom fields here, we’re talking the ability to edit every single image on the page by upload and crop, ever bit of text via simple boxes and every single area that you can see, should you so wish, via widgets.

I mean, seriously, these are the nuts :) Check out WPMU Nelo in action…

It’s that simple – no custom fields, no messing with categories, literally anyone can do it.

So, there you go, they’ve been about 6 months (on and off) in the making, and of course are going to be continuously improved as we go along, so if you’re not already a WPMU DEV Premium member, give joining some consideration, we’re hoping that it’s more than worth your while :)