WPMU Supporter 2.0

This is a massive release, probably one of the biggest this year, and if you are a user of the WPMU DEV Supporter plugin, you are going to *love* it!

You can now rename Supporter too!
You can now rename Supporter!

Introducing Supporter 2.0, our new premium blogging plugin, which includes *among many other wonderful things):

  • BuddyPress Integration!!!! Allowing you to limit BuddyPress group creation and messaging to supporters only
  • The ability for users to create Amazon subscriptions (or single payments) as well as PayPal ones
  • Users can select to become a supporter at signup through an option or a ‘Supporter only’ signup form
  • A ‘Premium Themes’ menu… allowing you to offer subscribers stacks of premium themes
  • A ‘Premium Plugins’ menu… allows you to simply make as many plugins as you like subscriber only
  • The option to rename Supporter to whatever you want… for example, ‘Pro’ or ‘Plus’ or ‘Premium’ :)
  • A fancy new payment screen that points out how much people save if they subscribe for longer periods
  • Stunning new reporting graphs and pie charts so you can track how your subscriptions are going
  • Brilliant new individual blog modification tools
  • Bulk upgrade prettification
  • New tab positioning (up so it becomes more prominent)
  • Google Analytics for Supporters integration
  • ‘Turn off Ads’ and ‘Turn on Premium themes’ for other blogs options for Supporters (like we allow at Edublogs)

Does that sound cool enough for ya :) I certainly hope so… you can go and get it here or read on for some grabs and extra info.