Zuck’s got it right, 50% of our staff have been turned down for US visas… for a holiday get together!

So, this year something pretty amazing is going to happen… the whole Incsub team is going to meet up for the first time in NYC, at the end of June, woohoo!

We’ve never done it before, but we figure that it’s time to start behaving like a bona fide proper business, and doing as many physical meet-ups as possible, even if they are more of the Valve type (i.e. very little, if any, actual work… ok, it’s a holiday :)

We’re going to fly from Australia, UK, Spain, India, Mexico, Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Canada and of course internally as well, from all over the States.

Or should that be were going to, because courtesy of some seriously over zealous US consulates, a full 50% of our overseas staff that wanted to meet up with us haven’t been allowed visas!

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… but not your highly qualified tech staff in need of a nice holiday

We’re still going, but it’s utterly ridiculous that even armed with letters from Incsub (a US firm, incorporated in Alabama!!!), years of experience working with us and a totally legitimate reason to visit… the US won’t even grant a 30 day, let alone a 3 month, tourist Visa.

They won’t let us in to book hotel rooms, visit restaurants, or do any of the touristy things that the trip was about, pouring in tens of thousands into the US economy.

I can’t even imagine how insanely difficult it must be to get someone over to work with you, sheeesh!

So I’d say Zuck & Co are on the right path with FWD.us – the US needs to seriously review it’s visa issuing policies.