6.1 Backups

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Hosting backups use the latest in advanced server-based technology to be fast (nearly instant), cause almost no server load, and are extremely space efficient.

We backup all sites every night automatically, and you can manually trigger backups at any time via the Hub control panel, a WP CLI command over SSH wp wpmudev backup create, or via our REST API (documentation coming soon).

You can create an unlimited amount of manual backups in addition to the nightly ones, and we keep all backups for 30 days.

All backups are stored encrypted in a remote datacenter in the same general region as your site (USA, EU, Canada, etc) and are redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities.

We do not charge any additional fees for hosting backups or their storage, they are included with the site plan. Hosting backups will not use any of your Snapshot plugin cloud storage. To speed up subsequent backups, we do store a copy of the latest backup locally, however these are incremental so unless you recently deleted a lot of data take up very little of the site storage space, on average <5%.

Currently hosting backups do not include the staging environment or SSH user home directories, only the production db and files are included and restorable.

6.2 Restores

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Backups can be restored via the Hub control panel on the backups tab, via a WP CLI command over SSH wp wpmudev backup restore <id> with an id returned from wp wpmudev backup list, or via our REST API (documentation coming soon).

During backup restores many control panel functions will be disabled for safety, and your production and staging sites will show a maintenance screen with a 503 HTTP response code until finished. Restore time is usually only a few minutes, but will depend on the size of your backups and how long they take to download to your server.

If for some reason you need to restore a backup older than 30 days, contact support to see if there are any available, depending on your site’s internal rotation schedule we may be able to restore as far as 45 days back.

Due to the architecture of our staging environments, restoring a backup will trigger a re-sync of staging. So if there are any changes you need to keep in your staging environment please manually back those up before a restore.

6.3 Exports

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Hosting backups can be exported and downloaded in a format useful for manual restores or migrations. An export job can be scheduled via the Hub control panel on the backups tab, via a WP CLI command over SSH wp wpmudev backup export, or via our REST API (documentation coming soon).

Once a backup export job is complete an email will be sent to you with a secret download link that expires after one week.

6.4 Snapshot Plugin

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Hosting backups use a different system than the backups provided by the WPMU DEV Snapshot plugin (snapshot and cloud backups). Because we have access to the server infrastructure for sites we host, we can create and restore backups much faster and efficiently.

We will soon be updating the Snapshot plugin to transparently use our hosting backup system for managed backups when installed in our hosting environment to provide the best speed and unlimited storage.

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