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4.1 Email Hosting

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As a managed WordPress hosting provider, we focus on what we do best, hosting your websites and making them secure and blazing-fast. Email hosting is a whole other product and can be quite tricky to get right with all the spam, bots, filters, blacklists, IP reputation management, etc so we leave that to the pros.

If you just need to be able to receive emails for your custom domains, Email Forwarding might be the most cost effective method. Many of the larger domain registrars provide free email forwarding services, or you can try other free options like IMPROV.MX (easiest) or Mailgun is free for sending 10k emails/mo, and supports forwarding as well.

If you need traditional email hosting for your custom domains there are many providers out there at minimal cost, such as HoverGSuite, Rackspace, Zoho, etc.

4.2 "From" and "Reply-to" Email Addresses

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In order to manage domain reputation and to keep emails from winding up in spam inboxes, we send all system emails (and those created by plugins, such as for contact forms and the like), from a [email protected] address.

This includes the reply-to addresses.

To customize the sending email addresses, you will need to configure WordPress to use your own email provider via SMTP. Or you can use premium transactional email providers such as Mailgun (free for 10k emails/mo, and supports forwarding), SendGrid, Mandrill, etc which all provide their own WordPress plugin for easy integration.

4.3 Email Sending Policies and Limits

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To insure important transaction email from your WordPress sites (such as password resets) get to everyone’s inbox, we work hard to protect our email reputation.

As such we do not allow sending non-transactional email from our default hosting email. This includes email subscriptions, newsletters, marketing, or mass email, even if via WPMU DEV plugins like Subscribe by Email or eNewsletter. If you need to send this kind of email, you can configure WordPress to use your own custom email provider.

As part of these protections we also limit the number of emails sent per day and month for each site. You will find a record of the number of emails sent in the ‘Analytics’ tab of the Hub for each site.






Daily Limit





Monthly Limit






If your site exceeds these limits, we will temporarily block email sending and notify you if you exceed your monthly quota. If your site needs to regularly send more emails than our quota allows, please upgrade your plan or configure WordPress to use SMTP or another transactional email service.

4.4 Using SMTP To Send Emails

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The easiest way to avoid our sending limits or to change the “From” and “Reply-to” email addresses is to use our Ultimate Branding plugin, which has an easy SMTP tool built right in :)

Also, see here for how to use Gmail or G Suite to send emails.

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