3.1 Free Let's Encrypt Certificates

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When a new domain is added, we automatically provision and install a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Please be patient, as this process can take several hours (and even up to a day) in rare cases, depending on how fast your DNS settings fully propagates globally around the world. For most, the SSL certs will be applied in a matter of minutes.

These certificates are then automatically renewed every three months.

As soon as the certificate is added, we force all traffic over ‘https’ as well.

3.2 Adding Custom SSL Certificates

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At this time, we do not have the option to upload custom certificates on your own. This is on our planned roadmap for a future release.

However, our support team can help take care of this for you.

First, you will need to generate CSR to obtain the certificate from a Certificate Authority.

Your certificate provider will most likely have a tool or information on how to generate the CSR. You can also use a free service like csrgenerator.com. Be sure to save a copy of the Private Key.

Then, use the CSR to purchase the SSL cert and be prepared to provide us with:

  1. Private Key (created during CSR process)
  2. Certificate
  3. Certificate chain

Your SSL provider should be able to provide you with those if they create a CSR using their interface.

You can start a live chat or create a support ticket to provide us with the information.

3.3 Wildcard SSL Certificates

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Wildcard certificates can be purchased and uploaded manually by our team exactly like non-wildcard certificates.

Please note, because the certificates expire every 3 months, we are not able to manually upload Wildcard certificates from Let’s Encrypt or sslforfree.com.