This usage document covers how to use the Hub 2.0 Insights module to monitor and track your website’s analytics and performance with Uptime, Beehive, and our built-in white label analytics.

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The Stats tab is still in development. This Stats tab will provide visitor traffic stats in The Hub. In the interim please check out your Hosting > Analytics menu (if your site is hosted with WPMU DEV) or install Beehive Pro.

10.1 Getting Started

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To access the Insights section of your site, from the Hub 2.0 My Sites page click on the site you would like to manage and click on the Insights option in the site manager menu.

This will activate the Insights settings and options available in Hub 2.0.

If you haven’t set up Uptime or Analytics for your site, click the Activate button to install Hummingbird and start tracking and monitoring your site health with Uptime in the Hub.

This will install and activate Hummingbird Pro on your website and activate Uptime monitoring.

Insights tabs include:

  • Uptime – Independently monitor and track your sites performance, uptime, downtime, and more.
  • Stats – Website visitor stats in The Hub 2.0 (Coming Soon)

Click on the tabs to navigate settings, actions, and monitor your website activity.

10.2 Uptime Monitor Overview

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The Uptime Monitor space is an Overview of information where you can track your websites Uptime, Downtime, and Response Times.

10.2.1 Website Up

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This section notifies you if your site is Up or Down and how long it has been since your last Downtime.

Toggle to your graph to see stats for the last 24 hours, 7 days, or the last 30 days.

The included graph shows:

  • Uptime
  • Downtime
  • Last Downtime

Click the Re-Check button to refresh the Uptime data at any time.

10.2.2 Response Time

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Uptime pings your site and tracks TTFB in the Response Time graph. TTFB is the time it takes from when a client makes an HTTP request to it receiving its first byte of data from the webserver.

You will also see max time, minimum time, and the average over the selected time.

10.2.3 Alert Info

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This section is a log of checks, when it was run, downtime, and duration of uptime.

10.3 Uptime Settings

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The settings tab lets you configure your email notifications. Settings options include:

    • Downtime & Uptime Alerts – Use the toggle to send an email notification when this website goes down or back up.
    • Threshold – Set how long uptime should wait before sending out downtime notifications. Instant or after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes.
    • Email Recipient – This is where your Uptime reports are sent. By default, it is set to send to the email address associated with your WPMU DEV Membership.

10.3.1 Deactivate

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Clicking the Deactivate button will disable Uptime on your website and turn off Uptime tracking in the Hub.

10.4 Stats Overview

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This is coming soon and will provide traffic Analytics information. Check backup and visit the Roadmap for updates on new releases.

10.5 Insights Support

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Need help managing or setting up Insights and Analytics in the Hub 2.0? WPMU DEV members have access to 24/7 live support.