The Hub 2.0 Users feature allows you to give Hub access to additional users, clients, or account managers on your team. Add users and allow them access to your websites.

This document includes an overview of features in the Users tab along with a detailed guide of configuration options for connecting and managing Users in the Hub.

If you haven’t set up your WPMU DEV account yet, visit the Hub, where you can explore the features, see pricing packages, and start a free trial.

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11.1 Getting Started

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To access the Users screen in Hub 2.0, click the top-level Users menu item. This will open the Users settings and options available in Hub 2.0.

If you haven’t given any users access to your sites, click the Add first User to start collaborating with other users in the Hub.

Add new users to your Hub account

The Users setup options include:

  • Entering an email address
  • Selecting a website or sites to share

If a user is already connected, use the New User button to open the Invite new user setup module.

To invite a new user, enter the email address of the user you would like to add as a collaborator.

In the select websites dropdown menu, use the checkbox to select the site or sites you would like to give the new user Hub access.

Select the sites to invite users

Use the All websites option to grant Hub access to all of the websites in the Hub account.

Click the invite button to send an invitation to there email address.

Add Users Confirmation Email

If the user does not have a WPMU DEV account, they will be able to create a free account to connect to the Hub with access to the site or websites you grant permission.

Click cancel to close the Invite module without sending your invitation.

11.2 Users Overview

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The Users menu is a control panel for all connected users. If a user has been added, when you click into the Users screen there are three tabs with information and configuration settings:

  • Users
  • Sites
  • Settings

In this section, we will cover each of the modules and how to update, manage, and remove connected users.

11.2.1 Users Tab

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The Users tab lists all the connected users with options for granting and changing permissions.

The Users list includes:

  • Name – The username and avatar for the connected WPMU DEV account. Clicking the name will flip the order of users.
  • Email – The email address of the connected account.
  • Sites – Hover over the number to see a list of connected sites. Clicking the Sites button order users by the number of sites they manage.
  • Status – Active means the invitation was accepted, and pending means the account is waiting for the user to connect.
  • The trashcan icon allows you to delete/remove a user.

Click on a user to open the Manage access to websites module.

Use the Access button to chose all websites or only grant access to selected sites.

This lists all the connected sites in your Hub account. Click the plus (+) icon to grant access to the user. Click sites with the Checkmark icon to remove site access.

Manage access to websites for users

After making changes, scroll to the bottom of the module and click the Update button to save your changes or click Cancel to close without changes.

11.2.2 Sites Tab

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The Sites view allows you to manage user access by the website name.

Sites tab in Users tab

The Sites list view includes:

  • Name – The site URL. Clicking the name header will reverse the order of the list.
  • Users – The number of connected users. Clicking the Users title orders sites but the number of connected users. Hovering over the number lists the connected users.

Click the plus (+) icon to add or remove users for a specific site. This will open the manage access module.

Website manage access module

Enter an email address and click invite to add a new user.

Click on the checkmark icon next to a user to remove site access.

Click the Update button to save your changes or click the Cancel button to close the module without saving the changes.

11.2.3 Settings Tab

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The Users Settings allows you to set the business name used when inviting new users and in the team switcher.

Users settings tab

To change the name, click in the Add business name field, update the name and click Save.

11.3 Users Support

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Need help setting up or managing Users with Hub 2.0? WPMU DEV members have access to 24/7 live support.