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9. Integrated Video Tutorials

Written by Luke Britt | Last updated: August 7, 2020

This guide explains how to use our Integrated Video Tutorials plugin to embed all 45 high-quality videos from the WordPress for Beginners training library or your own custom training videos to the admin area of your site. The plugin is a powerful tool for onboarding new users, improving admin skills, and reducing support requests.

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If you haven’t installed the Integrated Video Tutorials plugin yet, then you should visit the plugin page, where you can explore the plugin’s many features and where WPMU Dev members can install Integrated Video Tutorials directly on any connected site.

9.1 Register Your Domain

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Once Integrated Video Tutorials is installed and activated, begin by configuring the plugin’s settings. The plugin adds a WPMU DEV Videos option to the Settings tab of the Admin menu. Click the new option to open the WPMU DEV Video Settings module.

You must register your domain with our servers in order to access our video library. Enter your domain name and TLD in the fields provided, then click Add Domain. After the “Domain Added” message appears, click Now Confirm Registration to complete the process.

A message will appear when you have successfully registered the domain.

Our Integrated Video Tutorials plugin adds a Video Tutorials link to the WordPress Dashboard flyout menu.

Click the link to access all 45 videos included in the WordPress for Beginners video library.

9.2 Contextual Help

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When enabled, the Add Videos to Contextual Help feature makes tutorial videos about specific areas of WordPress readily accessible from the very areas they address. For example, a user seeking guidance on managing themes can click the Help tab in the right-hand corner of the Themes Manager to access multiple videos regarding that very topic.

Need help with widgets? Click the Help tab on the Widget Manager screen to access a video on the subject.

9.3 Enable non-Multisite videos (Multisite Only)

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By default, when Integrated Videos Tutorials is installed on a network the plugin hides videos that do not apply to multisite networks. Enable this feature if you wish to make the entire WordPress for Beginners library available.

9.5 Permissions

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By default, only admin users can access the Integrated Video Tutorials settings, but you can grant or restrict access to the plugin’s settings by selecting and deselecting the user role checkboxes.

9.6 Hide Videos

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You can hide videos you do not wish to appear on your site by selecting the checkboxes. Hiding a video will remove it from the main video library, the help menus and from group shortcodes. A hidden video can still be embedded with its individual shortcode.

9.7 Custom Videos

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Any video posted to Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia can be added to your tutorial library and embedded in the same manner as the WordPress tutorials. Click Add Custom Video to access the uploader.

Select the host from the drop-down menu, then paste the video URL into the field provided. A preview of the video will appear in the preview window. By default, all videos will begin with the first frame, but you can use the Settings fields to choose precisely when the video begins and ends.

You can add a thumbnail placeholder to the beginning of any custom video to give it a bit of your own branding. Click Update Preview to see a preview of the video with the thumbnail added. Enter a title for the video in the field provided and click Save Changes.

Your video will appear in the Custom area of the video library. Custom videos are given their own shortcodes to use when embedding the video, which can be found at the bottom of the shortcode list.

9.8 Shortcodes

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WordPress videos and the custom videos you upload using the plugin can be shared anywhere on your connected site with a shortcode. A list of these shortcodes is located in the WPMU DEV Videos Settings module. Copy the video or group shortcode you want to embed and paste it into your post, page, widget, or sidebar.

Group Shortcodes

Group shortcodes, aka playlists, allow you to embed multiple videos covering a related topic by embedding a single code.