Hero points cheatsheet

So here's the lowdown

Hero and Reputation Points and Leveling are our way of saying thanks for getting involved in the community and using your WordPress SuperPowers to help others out of sticky situations. Here's our cheat sheets on how to become Code Norris...

Hero Points

Earn Hero Points and redeem them for real memberships.


Reputation points are awarded for getting involved in the community.


As you earn Reputation points you'll level up along the way.

Earn Hero Points

  • Action Hero points awarded
  • Fill out profile details (per field) +3
  • Any day you participate on WPMU DEV (earning reputation points) +1
  • Refer a friend (for every $ they spend on their first payment) +3
  • Becoming a member +50
  • Other members can award you points for being awesome, go be a hero, help them! +1 to +200

Earn Reputation

  • Action Reputation points awarded
  • Start a discussion in the member forums +5
  • Comment on a discussion in the member forums +1
  • Answer to a support ticket gets marked as a resolution to an issue (coming soon) +5
  • Translate a plugin/theme string +1
  • Complete a plugin/theme translation +5


Other members can thank you for helping them on comments and forum threads or for your translation work by gifting you Hero Points. Staff can also award you Hero Points for standout contributions.

When you use Hero Points to purchase items from our online store, we will deduct the respective amount from your Hero Points tally. This will show up in your Activity feed, as well as reducing your balance. Reputation Points however can only increase.

Reputation & Levels

  • Title Level Reputation
  • Regular Joe 0 +0 pts
  • WPMU DEV Initiate 1 +10 pts
  • Flash Drive 2 +25 pts
  • Design Lord, Child of Thor 3 +50 pts
  • Site Builder, Child of Zeus 4 +100 pts
  • The Incredible Code Injector 5 +250 pts
  • The Crimson Coder 6 +500 pts
  • The Bug Hunter 7 +750 pts
  • Syntax Hero 8 +1,000 pts
  • WordPress Warrior 9 +1,250 pts
  • HummingBird 10 +1,500 pts
  • WP Core Meltdown 11 +1,750 pts
  • Code Wrangler 12 +2,000 pts
  • The Reaper 13 +2,250 pts
  • The Incredible Smush 14 +2,500 pts
  • The Exporter 15 +2,750 pts
  • Smushie Pies 16 +3,000 pts
  • El Macho WP 17 +3,250 pts
  • Cascading Super Samurai 18 +3,500 pts
  • Wisp of the WP Loop 19 +3,750 pts
  • The Green Incsub 20 +4,000 pts
  • WordPress Wizard 21 +4,250 pts
  • The eCommercenary 22 +4,500 pts
  • Champion of Loops 23 +5,000 pts
  • DEV MAN’s Mascot 24 +6,000 pts
  • DEV MAN’s Secretary 25 +7,000 pts
  • DEV MAN’s Apprentice 26 +8,000 pts
  • DEV MAN’s Sidekick 27 +9,000 pts
  • DEV MAN 28 +10,000 pts
  • WP Unicorn 29 +15,000 pts
  • Code Norris 30 +20,000 pts

It's not easy being a superhero, but we have faith in you... Good luck, !

Coming soon

As you earn Hero Points you will be able to purchase things from our online store. Things like stressballs, t-shirts and membership discounts will be available, and all you have to do is get involved in WPMU DEV!

We'll let you know when the Hero Points store goes live really soon!

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