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Not Sure What The Future Holds

Flywheel and WPMU DEV both focus on premium WordPress hosting for agencies and freelancers and are both solid platforms. With the recent acquisition of Flywheel by WP Engine, we've seen its pricing increase and we're not yet sure the direction the product and service will go.

As of October 2019

The locations of datacenters where you can host your site.

USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore
US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Australia

Dedicated Server Resources
Server memory, CPUs, and storage space is allocated to each individual site.

Additional cost

Custom SSL Certificates
The option to upload your own SSL certs instead of one provided by a free certificate authority.

Additional cost

Dedicated IP Address
Each site is assigned its own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Not available

WordPress Multisite Support
The option to host WordPress Multisite networks.

Not all plans

Uptime Guarantee
The percentage of uptime promised in a given month. If this is not met, credit is given back to customers.

None found

Speed and Performance
The load time of a default site as tested by a 3rd party.

Monthly Cost
For comparison, this is the expected cost of 3 average small-business sites when paid monthly (in USD).


Performance and Reliability

Both Flywheel and WPMU DEV make some big claims on performance and uptime. Third-party tests show WPMU DEV with a site speed edge. WPMU DEV has a 99.95% uptime guarantee where we pay you back should it not be met. Flywheel works hard to ensure a similar standard but is not backed by any SLA.

Manage Client Sites

If you manage all of your client sites on one host, Flywheel does a nice job with things like transferring the billing of hosting a site off to clients. With WPMU DEV, you get The Hub site manager with every plan, allowing you to manage sites on any host. If you build and pass off most of your client sites, then Flywheel is a good fit. If you continue with support and maintenance, WPMU DEV may be a better fit.

Developer Friendly Tools

We all have our preferred workflows for building and maintaining sites. Both WPMU DEV and Flywheel include easy staging. WPMU DEV also includes SSH access and the use of WP-CLI. SSH is not an option on Flywheel, and WP-CLI is only through its local development tool.

Dedicated IPs

Flywheel offers a dedicated IP per account that is shared across every site hosted on that account. If you’re hosting multiple sites and need a dedicated IP for one of your client’s sites, you’ll need to set up an additional account. With WPMU DEV, every site gets a dedicated IP address at no additional cost.