- I need to create

Hello - I need to create a customized theme options page on this website - very simple, so the client can have the option to upload logo, change colour, change font and add a bit of text to the homepage. Is there a plugin for this? Or will I have to create some php code - and can I do that while using a theme template that already has a theme options page (it is just too complicated for the end user).

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    By default it's a matter of both theme that is uses and user role of a user that you want to be able to do those changes.

    The theme

    Changes like main logo and colors are usually allowed via them customizer ("Appearance -> Customize" page in site's back-end). In case of some themes that's instead moved to the "Theme Options". Depending on a current theme, there may or may not be an option to change fonts though. If there is no such option, you would need a custom child theme with additional code that would allow such changes. In many cases a plugin such as Use Any Font can help as well but you'd need to test it first on your site:


    It's worth noting though that a plugin like this would let you use various fonts e.g. with Divi Bluider (and some other builders/themes) in a WordPress post/page editor and some theme options but for some other themes there might be additional CSS needed if you want to use those fonts for parts of the theme rather than for your posts/pages content.

    As for text on homepage (and other pages/posts), this is a built-in feature of WordPress so any user with a user-role that allows them to edit pages/posts can make such changes.

    User role

    By default every user that registers on the site has a "subscriber" user role which doesn't let them edit anything but their own profile information. There are, however, more user roles and you, as an administrator, can assign any of these roles to any user that you want. This way you can grant a user additional privileges such as letting them edit posts/pages or even giving them full "admin rights". Take a look here, please:


    and here:



    It gets slightly more complex if it comes to Multisite and it seems that your site is a Multisite, correct? If so, the site in question - the one you want some user(s) to be able to make changes to - is this the site that was created on your Multisite by that user or you have created it for that user? I understand that this user is not an admin of that site, right?

    Or is this the case where the site (sub-site of Multisite) "belongs" to that user in question but you just do not want that user to have full access to it but only to those specific options and nothing else?

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