– I'm developing a WPMU site and need to use eNewsletter

Hi – I'm developing a WPMU site and need to use eNewsletter on a blot that isn't the primary. Mostly it works but there seem to be bug in the table prefix handling for subscribing.

If I go to eNewsletter » My Subscriptions in WP backend the groups arent listed. If I press the button "Subscribe on Newsletter" the page return the error "Error occured while subscribing!"

I'm logged in as Super Administrator.

In the PHP error log I can see that the script excepts the table "wp_enewsletter_members" but the plugin is installed on blog ID 2. Sp it should be "wp_2_enewsletter_members"

The plugin is not Network Activated but only installed/activated on the blog where it is needed.

Attached screenshot shows the PHP log error. Some of it is in danish though, but translated it says:

WordPress-database error Table 'sportsdykker_medlemmer.wp_enewsletter_members' doesn't exist for the request SELECT member_id FROM wp_enewsletter_members WHERE wp_user_id = 1 from require_once('wp-load.php':wink:, require_once('wp-config.php':wink:, require_once('wp-settings.php':wink:, do_action('init':wink:, call_user_func_array, Email_Newsletter->init, Email_Newsletter->subscribe, Email_Newsletter_functions->create_update_member_user, Email_Newsletter_functions->get_members_by_wp_user_id

Any ideas how to fix this?