- I've changed the IP of my multisite install and I know

Hi - I've changed the IP of my multisite install and I know there are some mapped domains among the +3000 blogs on my site.

Is there a way to see all mapped domains in one list?


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    Hey there Jamshid,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    There is no way to list all the domains which are mapped at the moment. I tried via Sites > All Sites but we can't sort via Mapped domain as well.

    One way is to look at the wp_domain_mapping table as that contains all the mapped domains

    Let me call our lead developer @Eugene Manuilov on this one for his expert advice

    He should be here sooner than later.

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  • Eugene Manuilov
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    Hi Jamshid!

    Currently I can't implement it due to another workload. But as a fast turnaround you can use following SQL script to fetch information about mapped domains:

    SELECT b.domain AS 'original', dm.domain AS 'mapped'
    FROM wp_domain_mapping AS dm
    LEFT JOIN wp_blogs AS b ON b.blog_id = dm.blog_id;

    Run this script in your phpMyAdmin dashboard.
    Let me know if it helps you or not.


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    Thanks a bunch Eugene :slight_smile:

    Jamshid, did you try that ?

    PS : I have moved this over the "Features and Feedback" section so that we can better track it once something like this can be added in near future !

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  • Aaron
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    Unfortunatly WP doesn't have the needed hooks to sort by a custom column.

    I has the same situation, and I just took a quick look at the domain mapping table in phpmyadmin, simple and quick.

    As it's a royal paid to get users to change their DNS, I installed rinetd on the old VPS server having it route all requests to the new one, and downgraded it to the lowest plan. That way mapped domains still work while those users switch their DNS.

    That's a little bit technical, and requires you to have had a VPS originally though.

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