— So I'm looking at creating an online marketplace for

Hello —

So I’m looking at creating an online marketplace for roughly 20-30 business’s to sell their products through.

Currently, in one of our business avenue’s, we have a successful online eCommerce store using WooCommerce and do roughly $2M a year in sales. What I am trying to do is consolidate the big players in the same field to sell products through one entity, but allow them to control, add, delete their own products and we get a small portion.

Amazon charges roughly 18% for the category that we sell in. This is a huge profit market. With 2M in sales, 18% is a good chunk, just for processing the transactions for us and providing their “customer” support, which we are more than capable of providing.

With that said, we have roughly 5 partners up front that would want to do this. Does the MarketPress plugin allow different eCommerce stores to be integrated and allow a percentage “kickback” if you will? If so, I would assume this is endless, where we could list relatively thousands of items throughout the marketplace? We would start with nearly 500 items and add as it grew.

Thanks for the help community!