Upfront issues, bugs, errors and improvement ideas

1- There is no way to add a new menu item on the stage as evreything else can be added there, so the user gets confused about the sidebar settings on this case.
2- When we click on the stage with the right mouse button some settings appears, but it is hard to make it goes away then
3- The settings that appears while editing a section is bigger than the screen
4- There is now way to centralize a galley without css and it seems that to other elements we need to centralize them just guessing
5- Images are beeing duplicated when uploaded while editing css in a specifc screen (video is attached here)
6- How to make something global to just a specif page type? Like, I want a specific menu just to pages, or just to posts, or just to categories or just to a specific post type...
7- Problems to grupo and padding (video attached here)
8- How to centralize background image? I have a parallax bg image the cuts off a peace and it seems that I would need a photoshop to fix that, we need to know that the customer does not have that and do not know how to work with it
9- Some times the finish section edition is dissapearing (I do not know how to reproduce this error)
10- If you try to drag or resize an image just after uploaded it there is no way
11- What does "tailed horizontally" mean? I did not really understand that, maybe it is just a language issue, but, what does it really means?
12- There is no way to add effects to everything, it would be good to have a lot of ready effects, like frontend builder plugin (https://codecanyon.net/item/frontend-builder-wordpress-content-assembler-page-builder-drag-drop-page-composer/5310338)
13- Is the cache automatically cleaned when we save a page?
14- There are some words that are not being translated to the .mo file:
"deleting the global regions will remove..."
edit global regions
main header
main footer
home slider
advanced settings
this post only
15- It is not clear what does "Edit global regions" on the sidebar works for.
16- Why do lightboxes appear as a global region in the global regio editor and how it works? Is not it just a way to show things in a shadowbox? If yes, how it really works? I was not able to make it works.
17- Upfront is still slow. Maybe you guys could figure out a way to let the whole engine works just on the frontend, even for undo feature. To save it in a database just after everything is done. Maybe backbone.js would be good for that. How is upfront made and what would it take to be faster? Could you guys tell me a little bit more about that?

Last but not least, I would like to say that you guys are the best web company I know. You guys can be sure that the internet will never be the same again after you guys! You are the best and this tool is amazing!

Thank you!!!