Pro Site: Has a couple of issues


(this link should ALWAYS redirect to a login, which would redirect back to itself…and yet it doesn’t)

2. UI on allowing users to add a new card to their subscription …is confusing. Many times they know a card is expiring, or has expired, or is stolen…and there is no clear path to update the card in the subscription…the stripe API allows for it

3. The HTML structure of elements lacks proper divs and styling classes for customizing things these are all baseline items needed to be fixed in pro-sites that are very simple…

4. HIGHER HANGING FRUIT. Bitcoin. Bitcoin is part of the Stripe API, and can easily be integrated into pro-sites.

5. HIGHER HANGING FRUIT: Billing Cycles. Should be customizable for subscriptions

6. HIGER HANGING FRUIT: Startup fees should be customizable per subscription