1) Assign/Require Service Provider Selection 2) Working Hours

1) Is it possible to auto assign a service provider? We have a massage/intuitive readings business and I've just completed a transaction where no service provider was assigned. Now I have to go back and see who might be available at this time to perform the service. Instead, I would rather the system assign a service provider that is available at this time. How might I do that? What are my options? Anything is better then no body being assigned to the service.

2) I have the option checked so that my service providers should be able to adjust their own schedule, but this doesn't seem to be working properly. I go into their user and change their working hours, but it doesn't save. How exactly is this supposed to work? I'd rather not use BuddyPress, but I will if I have to. The only want to control their schedule seems to be if an admin changes their schedule within Appointments + and not within their user profile.

Thanks so much for all your hard work on this. Great solution!

  • dave_Fins

    Another question has come up, too!

    We are not requiring that a user logs into the website in order to make an appointment. We have "CANCEL" in the confirmation email in case someone needs to cancel. 1) Is there a way to refund payment if someone cancels 24 hours in advance (we are currently requiring payment and; 2) the admin is not getting an email notifying us of the cancelation. How do we trigger this?! If we can't automatically refund payment and notify the service provider, we need to at least automatically notify the admin so she can manually do this work.

  • pxwm

    Hi @jaime_merz

    Auto assign a service provider

    Assuming you have more than one service provider and they are assigned to some or all the services you offer then you can set A+ so a service provider has to be selected by:-

    If you log-in to the Wordpress dashboard using admin
    Then select A+ settings
    Then select 'Working Hours' tab
    Then select 'No specific provider'
    Then set the 'Work?' field to 'No' for every day.

    This will mean that all dates and times for 'No specific provider' will show as unavailable so your customer will have to select a specific service provider from the dropdown list.

    Service provider changing schedule

    I've tried this on my demo site and it seems to work.

    Assuming you have the field 'Allow service provider set working hours' set to 'Yes' in the A+ 'General' tab then:-

    Log-in to the Wordpress dashboard (not A+) using the Service provider Wordpress user log-in details (not admin)
    Then select 'Profile' in the left hand menu
    Then scroll down and you will see the working hours schedule for the specific service provider.
    Make the necessary changes and save.
    If you then log-in to the Wordpress dashboard using Admin details
    Then select A+ settings
    Then 'Working Hours' tab this should now reflect the changes you have made.

    Cancellation email

    If you have 'Allow client cancel own appointments' set to 'Yes' in the A+ 'General' tab and you have added CANCEL in the 'Confirmation email Message' field and/or 'Reminder email Message' field in the A+ 'General' tab then if the customer clicks the link to cancel the relevant Service Provider and Admin should receive an email notification that the appointment has been cancelled.

    Hope this helps

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