1 How do I remove course links from my navigation? 2 Course theme question 3 Instructor issue

1 How do I remove course links from my navigation?

I'm just setting up the course.
Navigation menus have been automatically added.
I'm not ready to go live!
The test course I have created, is set to "not published".
I have checked ...appearance / menu but the course navs that currently appear on the site, do not appear in the menu structure.
I have checked the settings elsewhere in CoursesPress Pro but nada.
I have searched for the pages that were automatically created thinking I could manually unpublish them, but they don't appear in my list of pages.
I have read the setup guide but not help is it very very basic.

These are the nav links showing currently

Please help me resolve this as it is embarrassing to have something live on my site that I do not want and that I cannot control.

2 Course theme question

How do I make the course units appear on one page? For example, the lefthand column lists all the units and the content appears in the right column - when the student clicks on each unit, the contact for that unit appears in the right column - on the same page, not individual pages. (see screen capture example)

3 Course instructor issue

The user isn't being recognised in the list that appears. As in, I have a user in my user panel but it's not appearing as an option in the CoursePress Pro panel when choosing an instructor. How do I overcome this?


P.S. can you please provide a printer friendly version of the setup guide. It's currently 81 pages and poorly formatted if I try to print from your browser link.